Helpful Resources

Go Mama is committed to supporting women throughout their motherhood journeys.  The following links may be helpful if you are looking for resources, facing any challenges, or require additional maternity-related assistance.


Support for Mamas and Babies

Bare Necessities is a charity that has pre-packaged boxes applicable to most new mothers. These consist of essential items such as maternity pads, nursing pads, hydrogel disc pads, nursing cream and other personal care items.  They also have customised donation boxes with maternity clothing, accessories and intimates. 

Mummys In Need is a not-for-profit charity that provides material aid for families struggling to provide for their children. Mummys In Need can provide assistance for families in crisis with items from nappies and wipes, clothing and baby food to cots, car seats, prams, school bags and everything in between!

Whānau Āwhina Plunket provides a range of free services aimed at improving the development, health and wellbeing of children under the age of five within New Zealand.


Maternal Mental Health

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia

Mental Health Foundation (NZ)

Aronui Ora/National Women's Health (NZ)

COPE - Centre Of Perinatal Excellence (Australia)


Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialists

Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise

Just For Mums Fitness

Move It Mama

Pregnancy Exercise Guide by Megan Bryn Gephart, Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach (and US Army Mama)



Nutrition and wellness plan by Jess at Health and Wellbeing Discovery

A short course on what good infant nutrition looks like, how and what to feed a baby, and how to start weaning with Infant Nutrition: from Breastfeeding to Baby's First Solids